Experience like Native Apps

Easier to develop and gives experience like native app, within mobile browser. It bypasses the approval process to develop and load apps into app store. Effortless to update the SPA, as and when needed. Single page web apps are suitable for complex and large apps. For dynamic loading of data and responsive UX, SPA are best solution.

Simple to Deploy

Super simple to deploy single page application in production. It is also easier to update versions later on. The build and deployment process is rapid and simple. Achieve easier versioning and rollback advantages, on using SPA. Users get desktop like experience of web app that fits in single page. SPA development requires short time to deliver and at cheaper budget.

Efficient Routing

Using Hashbang and HTLM5 History API, SPA efficiently keeps track of user’s current state and location during complete navigation. With Routing as key concept in SPA, the applications have faster page response.

High Performance

Flexible and fast Single page applications using frameworks like AngularJS,ReactJS, JQuery and Bootstrap. These applications offer improved network performance and reduced UI impact on network. Only the data gets passed to and fro in the network, saving good amount of load.

Dynamic Interaction

Speedy user experience as appropriate resources are loaded dynamically. Users get feel of dynamic communication. Extensive use of JavaScript enables to build dynamic we solutions. Dynamically the current page is rewritten rather than loading loading full page from server.

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