Flux Library

Flux is the library of ReactJS, that aids data handling across the application with ease. It is an absolute tool to deliver a perfect presentation layer for application. The library is composed of JavaScripts. The developer manages data across the application with the aid of flux library.

Why ReactJS ?

ReactJS is more efficient with Virtual DOM. It has node tree with list of elements, which automatically get updated, with the evolution of data models. Component based model wraps in it all the modules. Each Webpage is treated as small components. It facilitates easy updation of individual component. It helps build very interactive applications.

Tolerance to Changes

Code reusability, is the baseline of any successful framework. ReactJS has rich code reusability, which forms baseline for portable UIs.

Declarative Views

May it be a small, medium or intricate bigger applications, ReactJs just serves perfect. Its enriched engineering promises flawless configuration of web and mobile applications. It offers presentation of each state of application into a simple view. When the data gets modified, view gets updated instantly. The code looks simpler with usage of declarative views.

Module Isolation

Segregation of modules, serves great benefits for projects that run for a long duration. Segmentation of elements into smaller components, makes testing much easier. It is flexible for developer to group modules and define as a common module. Lifecycle methods are hooks enables code execute at set points in components.

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