Good Responsiveness

Progress web apps with good responsiveness are highly complementary. The web design of app has undergone evolution with responsive capability, as it allows to fit into any size device (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc).PWA are app-like and are also responsive. They support layout management and detection of different devices.

Offline Support

Progressive web app has one of the best features of working offline. Spotty or flaky internet does not interrupt PWA from performing business. Network request are controlled by service workers using cache method. The cached requests aid in offline access. The service workers serve as bridge between network and device in providing content. This mechanism works error free and efficiently.

Browser Compatibility

Irrespective of browser or device, PWA can be downloaded easily. It can be launched as a standalone window and can be re-used later. Service worker support enhances the user experience in the application. The browser compatibility allows more and more users to access the enhanced functionality. They benefit by using service workers and web app manifest features of browsers.

Cross Platform

Progressive Web apps are highly scalable and can run on cross platform applications. It helps in connecting users with different devices and platforms. They are easily accessible by mobile users. They offer speed, reliability, less data usage, customization and cache facilities.

Easy Install & Security

Progress web Apps can be easily installed and stored on the home screen on device for quicker access. They are highly secure with their HTTPS protocol and it restrains hackers from extracting information. Also malicious code is also prevented from entering website. The user data is secure and private. It is built with progressive enhancement.

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