Flexible & Efficient

Native apps provide flexibility to improve the existing functionalities with add-ons. It is easier to update the application and make the latest feature available in app store. Infusing the app with associated APIs, the app can be furnished with more creativity.

Device Specific

The native applications are built
    On a specific OS Uses specific set of APIs Uses tools and technologies best suited for the OS UI and UX designs for a specific device Uses a specific development environment


Native apps are more secure as they leverage and use the built-in features of a device. They provide enhanced functions by device specific features. The app stores features the latest updates for the users with add on features and improved security features, time to time.

Seamless UI and UX

The UI and UX are designed based device specific features. They are created to match the device. Unlike cross platform apps, the native apps have genuinely best UI and UX design and they offer best interaction to the users.

Robust built-in features

Native apps are advantageous as they access and utilize all the features of a device. It boosts up the capabilities of the app by utilizing hardware built-in features like camera, GPS, movement detector, accelerometer and touch sensor. Interaction with hardware is easier with native applications.
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