Android supports number of applications in smart phones. It supports list of connectivity technologies like GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, Bluetooth,EV-DO,UMTS, WI-FI, EDGE,3G,NFC, LTE and GPS.Also, Android can be used as Wi-Fi hotspot as it supports tethering. The APIs allow android apps to connect and interact with other devices.

Supports Enterprise

Android is presenting latest updates with enhanced features. The latest updates have some unbeatable extended possibilities. They are USB Host API, Input from joystick and game pad, Adjustable home screen widgets, Real time transport protocol and Open accessory API. These additions have recently revolutionized android application market.

Multi Touch & Multitasking

In fast paced world, mobile phones are comfortable means to manage businesses, for consumers, employees, vendors and common people. Android apps on mobile, makes life smarter. The multi-tasking and multi touch interface are the highlights of these apps. It also offers multi language support, which makes it trendsetter in the mobile app market.

High Performance Apps

Our expert team involved in delivering client requirements successfully with guaranteed high performance android app. We stand out in placing impressive apps in a cost effective manner. Android apps are composed of components like activities, content providers, broadcast receivers and services. The features of each component play a vital role in overall app behavior. The overall performance of app is boosted, giving excellent user experience.

Potential Market Need

Power packed features of android, boosts millions of mobile applications. It addresses the challenges in real time business environment. It is the winning strategy in the market for many businesses and industries. Java programming makes android apps robust in performance. Moreover Android is available as opensouce android SDK for developers.

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