Future of Mobile Web

Future of Mobile Web

With increasing shift of business to mobile web pages, it is good to optimize web pages. Accelerated mobile pages by Google launched mobile friendly update. Customers look forward for a faster mobile experience. Our web solutions integrate AMP to give rich and faster websites.

SEO Ranking

The download speed of web site is the major factor in search ranking. It helps in stakeholders and brings out ways to improve the speed for AMP. Stakeholders, publishers and advertisers reap benefits of AMP usage. We understand customer requirements and use AMP to build a robust web solution.

Trend Setter

AMP is an open source project by Google and is the trend setter web solutions. It offers great download speed for web content. It is highly on demand technology for e-Commerce, news, articles and blog sites.

Implement AMP in HTML

The HTML code is placed in order to implement AMP. Special tags are added for audiovisual contents. There are many special tags that need to be included to display content appropriately using AMP – For instance Document type tag, top level tag, Canonical header tag, head and body tags and coding tags. Our web developers are well versed in Accelerated mobile pages development.

High Performance

The AMP pages loads faster in seconds and the usage of data is very less. They provide speedy, smooth and most engaging experience to users on desktop and mobile. Customers expect the web pages to load in lesser than 2 seconds. We build robust and fast web projects by implementing AMP.

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